amberprofHello! I’m Amber Callan, an Inbound Marketing Strategist by day and a User Experience designer by night. At work, I help clients achieve their business goals by creating marketing that their potential customers will love. At home, I love designing, testing and revising products and interfaces to create pleasant user experiences.

Inbound Marketing

User Experience Design

I utilize user centered design principles and base design decisions on the user’s needs and business goals. While increasing usability of web applications and websites daily, I have been involved in the creation of geological mapping devices, the revision of voting systems and improvement of an open education resource editor.

I am currently a Senior at Rice University, studying Psychology with a specific focus in human factors, user experience design and human computer interaction. At the end of May 2015, I will be graduating and hope to explore the world of user experience and user interface design after that.

In High School, I took my first graphic design class where I learned how to create imagery in Photoshop and Illustrator. When I arrived at Rice University, I took my first human-computer design course and fell in love with the idea of combining computer science, my design background and my academic passion of psychology. Because I love learning new skills and building upon old skills, I took classes to become proficient in the computer science surrounding user interface and user experience design, the artistic design and the iterative design process.

Since I began my studies at Rice University, I have been involved in usability research, held several UX internships and have enjoyed freelancing using my web development capabilities. I believe if you start designing for the user, it increases their happiness, cuts down on support calls and complaints while creating brand loyalty and increasing revenue.

Whether you want to talk about jobs, fashion trends or fun design projects, send me a message on my contact page or send me an e-mail at hello@ambercallan.com!