Amber Callan | About
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about amber

Hello! I’m Amber Callan, an inbound marketing strategist by day and a taco-loving artist & runner at night. At work, I help clients achieve their business goals by creating marketing that their potential customers will love. At home, I love trying my hand at new artistic mediums, playing games on my PS4 and creating inventive pasta dishes to feed to my family.

During my time at Rice University for my undergraduate studies, I focused on studying Psychology, particularly human factors, user experience design and human computer interaction. I was involved in many usability research projects, held several UX internships and enjoyed freelancing using my web development capabilities. Since having graduated from Rice in May 2015, I moved to St. Louis where my web development and marketing internship turned into a full time position!

Now I work at a marketing firm in St Louis managing clients, creating inbound marketing strategies customized to my clients and executing these strategies to produce the best results.

If you’d like to talk about potential jobs, tacos or anything else, please feel free to contact me at!